Bookkeeping for Electricians

Whether you’re a domestic or commercial electrician, you want to continue to run a successful business so managing your finances has to be a large part of that. Small business owners within the construction industry have the freedom to run their business how they want, so why not find someone to help you develop your accounting skill and help improve your business performance?

We manage your books so you can manage your electrical business.

As a self employed electrician, you’ve spent plenty of time building up your contacts, landing those important leads, and building employee relations. So good bookkeeping is central to introducing potential new business partners, having better financial visibility, or taking that next step and growing online. Hiring a team of bookkeeping experts who give professional advice and are profit builders focussed on your business is one of the best first steps in the right direction.

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Our End to End Bookkeeping Services For Electrians.

Whether you’re wanting to take your marketing focus online and grow your client base out, or want to develop quality lead generation websites that can improve your profits long term, you may not have the time to sit down and crunch numbers. You want to be able to have time for a business (and private trip) and spend time with family and relax.

While all of that is exciting and has you looking into the future, there are elements of running a business that need to be considered in the short term- like financial data, bookkeeping, payroll preparation and more. You put on every hat and step into every role when you’re running your own business. You’re the salesperson, your own personal assistant, marketer, and of course you become the bookkeeper. And while it can feel daunting doing it all yourself, you don’t actually need to be alone, and certainly don’t need to wear every single hat yourself.

Bookkeeping for electricians can feel daunting but is an essential requirement to keep on top of revenue, expenses and other records to keep your business moving. Its one of those administrative tasks that are business and profit builders in the long run, so while you’re tracking progress against cashflow a targets, you can better understand your business and it’s needs.

With access to accounting software we can keep track of accurate financial records, we provide data entry services that keep everything up to date for you. And when we compare your business accounts to your bank statements, we can help you implement profit improvement strategies to make bank reconciliation simpler in the future.

Gecko bookkeeping can assist in setting up a cash flow budget template so your AP and AR transactions will never go amiss. You want your cash flow to be in the green, so having an accountant and business advisor to help you manage your accounts will only benefit you in the long run. Our bookkeepers can with financial statements preparation so you have ticked every box leading up to tax time and make sure you have accounted for every possible cost.

When you’re starting up your business you’ll have a start up expense checklist that will be apart of your account payable ledger. They may be items you didn’t consider you needed or were essential when starting your business, but that’s where Gecko comes in. With bookkeeping experts on your side, all your business purchase records are accounted for so you don’t have to worry about accounts and can get back to doing what you love.

With a wide accounting software selection available from the team at Gecko, they can set you up and train you to guarantee you’re not left scratching your head looking at a new accounting software program. Information technology costs can be kept lower if you hire a bookkeeping service with the software embedded into their services.

All our clients are trained end-to-end in the software that we use to complete bookkeeping for their accounts and help them better understand their business structure and how it aligns with their accounts. Accounting software can be an extremely important business tool allowing you to minimise the paper and keep everything digital. Keeping all your files on paper is well in the past, with new and improved accounting software you can use tools that help manage your costs, files, receipts and more.

If you’re planning to earn over 75k gross you will need to register for goods and services tax (GST). This can help you when it comes to your quarterly lodgement for your GST which is knows as a BAS statement. Trying to find all your paperwork, receipts and other documents can feel overwhelming and lodging your BAS can be a complex task, so why not hire experts to get it done for you.

Gecko’s certified bookkeepers have experience across many business types and can help you keep your small business in order when it comes to lodging your BAS, IAS, and Tax lodgement. So whether you’re self employed or a small business owner, you can find the support you need with Gecko to claim everything you can and keep your business moving at Tax time.

Our team can guarantee that with each lodgement not a single document or receipt goes un-missed. They can help you keep compliant as your business grows and keep your BAS lodgement stress free!

You want the best for your employees when you start to grow as a business, so managing their superannuation and payroll is extremely important. When it comes to that that time of the week, you want to make sure you have everything in order to pay your hardworking employees. Gecko’s bookkeeping experts can help you turn around payroll processing in an instant and out business advisors and bookkeepers guarantee that your records for superannuation and payroll remain in check and your employees are paid on time and in full.

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JCG Projects Testimonial

I can not recommend Olivia and the team at Gecko Bookkeeping enough.

“I would not be here without the help of my bookkeepers. They have helped us to set up the financial foundations we needed to grow as a business. At the end of the day, we are great on construction sites and talking to clients, but they keep us in line financially”

Johnno Green

Founder – JCG Projects

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Of all business practices in need of managing correctly, payroll is something you can’t afford to make a mistake on, and is arguably one of the toughest to get 100% right every time.

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We take the BS out of BAS. Avoid headaches and potential lodgement errors by letting your loyal, trusted BAS agents help today.

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Software Integration

We provide industry-leading software for your accounting needs. Our team are highly skilled, Certified partners with Xero, MYOB, and Quickbooks