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There’s a solution for almost any business type to save money, save time and scale stronger. It starts with the right applications and software.

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Software Solutions 

Automating, accessing and managing 360 degrees of your business from any device is now possible, cost effective and paper free. It starts with finding the right cloud-based software and applications for your needs. With so much technology on offer, understanding where to begin can be confusing for business owners, but it doesn’t have to be.


We offer the solution. We’re here to assess your needs, navigate you through the technology and connect you with the right software. 

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Gecko Cloud Solutions make business easy 

We break down the jargon, set you up and train your teams to make the most of your software and ultimately, simplify your business. Your solution starts with the right support to find and connect the best cloud applications and software for businesses through tailored advice, training and support. 

The future for better business starts with Gecko Cloud Solutions.

Benefits of Cloud Integration

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Cloud based solutions are often far cheaper than their traditional counterparts.


Work from anywhere at any time, on any device

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The seamless and automatic transfer of data between cloud applications ensures fewer data entries, saving you time and effort while minimising risk of human error.

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When all applications are sharing data, valuable new insights available help you make smarter business decisions. 

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Once you're integrated, the cloud will grow with you as your needs evolve. Whether you're opening more locations or your business grows in size or complexity.

for all industries start here.

Every business type, regardless of size, income or employees can benefit from cloud-based software solutions.

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Finding the best ecommerce apps to truly optimise your online business. From sourcing good inventory management to full ecommerce automation such as shopify integration. 


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Start saving time, building loyal customer relationships and managing your staff, inventory and cash flow with ease with end-to-end solutions.



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Say no to spreadsheets, manual data entry and stress. We find you the best backend integration solutions to track, manage and automate cash flow, inventory, staff, and much more.


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There’s a good business app for every aspect of your business to stop wasting valuable time on admin and chasing payments. Our variety of possible applications for construction get you back to your job - and your life.


How it works.

We’ve discovered that all business solutions can be found in 4 simple steps. With our 4 steps to E.A.S.Y approach, we provide endless possibilities for better business.



It starts with a free phone call. In 30 minutes or less, we’ll explain the process and how we can help. Our formal process from here begins with engaging a scoping session to discover and analyse your needs, find your pain points and look at your big picture goals. Through learning your business processes and existing software, we determine the best course of action, customising our approach to create a plan and find software tools that align with your business goals.



We provide you with a proposal from our scoping session with a set of programs recommended for your tailored needs. When you’re ready to take the next step, our team of experts will begin the process of Adapting and Aligning your business and centralising your software. We’ll ensure the chosen software works harmoniously with your existing systems, communicating effectively, connecting and streamlining your processes.



Once your cloud applications and software are connected, we start creating the real Solutions. 

We will work alongside you, and your team assisting in the transition, providing the best training to harness your new tools and simplify your day-to-day use, enabling you to make the most of your new software.



We provide you with ongoing support and new software solutions as you grow to continue ensuring better control over your business, and more time to focus on what you love.

You can rest assured that once you’re integrated, you’ll have access to the best in cloud computing software integrated with your business processes, supported by a dedicated and friendly team.

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Create efficient internal processes

By finding and connecting the right applications and software to handle the internal management of your projects, products, staff, invoices and of course, cash flow, your business management can turn into a well-oiled machine. Read on to understand more about different integration types and solutions.

Operational Integration

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Let’s start with what operational integration is. Sometimes more commonly known in the tech world as Enterprise Resource Implementation (ERP), it’s essentially the integration or connection of your business finances, supply/inventory management, operations, HR and reporting tools. Most business owners don’t realise the time it takes day-to-day, week on week to organise their internal operations. Every business requires different operational needs, but more often than not there is an application suite to handle and automate most processes, that can in turn be connected to create efficient processes. 

 Have we lost you yet? The important thing to think about is to imagine having a combined system that means never having to write anything down more than once, as everything is connected such as your accounting system, employee timesheets and inventory. It’s centralised database management that transfers everything across!

Project Management Integration


Store all of your documents in one place, give staff access to view documents, time sheets and projects in a system that aligns with your business type and it’s needs. Project management Software types create incredible opportunities to better manage all kinds of projects and communication lines with teams. Consolidate your files, quotes and invoices with programs such as suite files or G suite. Easily plan, view and manage rostering and scheduling or managing hours with deputy or utilising time tracking in Asana. Many small business owners are amazed when they find just how many applications there are on offer to better manage their files, teams and projects, how much time it can save them, and how much happier their staff and customers are when they’ve adapted them into their business.

Inventory Management

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Growing a business that holds inventory, regardless of business size relies on good inventory management to keep on top of profit and loss, forecast future purchase needs and understand when to spend more. Utilising inventory management software with the right app connections provides business owners the clarity and understanding of their stock on hand, their cash flow and helps to scale their business long-term. From small stock on hand solutions such as Vend through to full, multi site management with applications like Cin7, there is always a solution to better handle your inventory.

Cash Flow Automating

Take control of your payments in-house and ensure every transaction is recorded and reconciled efficiently with the right POS integration system. Our teams connect merchant point of sale systems directly to your accounting software of choice, and can integrate or set up in-software POS tracking connections suchs as Myob POS to harness your cash flow and help you to save time on manual data entry. We also provide payment set up options for your business with apps such as Tyro, AfterPay or Square.


POS Integration


Many small businesses these days start with an online store before branching out to a physical location. The process of starting an ecommerce website has been made easier than ever before for anyone to do. Often, it’s finding and connecting the options for customers to Pay for products that can become overwhelming and confusing. Gecko Cloud Solutions offer services to find and connect payment systems, utilising some of the best ecommerce apps and most commonly preferred payment options such as Stripe, Paypal, Afterpay and Woo Commerce.


Payment Gateways


If you aren’t currently using Accounting Software, chances are your Tax Time is a messy, stressful time of year, and without a doubt you’re losing receipts, bills, missing invoices and much more every year. Many businesses have already started transitioning over to online accounting software due to its ease of tracking invoicing, managing receipts and keeping their reporting in one place. But more often than not, most small businesses still aren’t using their accounting software as effectively as possible, and are still manually managing other records of their businesses manually. Accounting software integration ensures your business cash flow management is all-inclusive to ensure everything from your payroll management to debt collection is kept in one place, eliminating any risk of human error and saving risk and time in the long term.


Accounting Software Integration

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Expand your reach and build real customer relationships.

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CRM integration

Many business owners don’t realise the importance of marketing their business and connecting with their customers before, during and after sales. Customer RelationShip Management (CRM) integration provides solutions for automating marketing tools such as Emails, building better relationships with customers while collaborating with teams with tools such as Slack CRM. Together, we can help you uncover your main points of contact with customers, how best you wish to achieve your sales goals and in turn, find you the right CRM integration solutions to improve on sales growth and customer retention.

Tailored integration support

Gecko Cloud Solutions takes a holistic approach that goes beyond just a simple review of your business needs. We take the time to research, install, data migrate, commission, train and support you to ensure a smooth integration of all the products and systems into your business. Integration is more than getting your business into the cloud. Keeping your data safe and easy to access as well as saving you money and time is just a handful of benefits. Enquire today to start your business transition.