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Create a facebook business page using these 5 steps

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Originally, Facebook started as a way for people to connect with family and friends.

Fast forward 15+ years and although this remains to be the fundamental behind the platform, Facebook is now arguably the most used platform for businesses.

Alongside the lifespan and mass growth of Facebook, the need for online presence both for ecommerce and other business types has massively expanded. The platform recognised the need for businesses to connect with audiences as early as back in 2007 as by then, over 100,000 individuals had already registered personal profiles as a business. And so, Facebook Pages was created.

Aside from some Pages developments such as Facebook advertising, external connections (eg; Instagram), as well as tracking traffic (we’ll get to that), not much has changed since then, and the basis around running a business page remains the same: to connect with audiences, and show a more human side to your business.

Unfortunately, as facebook has exponentially grown, it has advanced its features for businesses and individuals to create multiple platforms and pages in multiple ways, as well as manage multiple running ads (confused yet?). There are now more ways to create and manage a page - and certainly more ways to ensure your page is set up correctly from the beginning. There’s also a lot higher competition for audiences, so ensuring your page has the right information and is set up for success from the start is so important.

Luckily for many, blogs like ours exist to show you the ropes.

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One does not simply go viral

In today's blog, we’ll show you how to make a facebook page for your business the right way - from setting up your page through to adding content, as well as some insider tips to maximise your chances of having a successful page.

Let’s get into it!

Jump to each step:

1. Setup Business Manager

2. Create a Business Page

3. Fill your details

4. Check Page details

5. Invite Friends


1. Set up Facebook Business Manager

We’re starting with this step at first priority. Whether your intentions with Using facebook for business is just to have a page for sharing content and posts here and there, or you’re planning to heavily invest your time and money in dynamic advertising, we highly recommend starting off on the right foot by making your page via facebook business manager.

You can certainly start or add a page from your own existing account in the native facebook platform, however, you’ll benefit a lot more from managing your page (or pages) via the external Business Manager platform, as it enables much more precise content targeting, easy management of all your pages, ads, integration with Instagram, and other great features that aren't as easy to access and manage via the native facebook platform.

Basically, by setting up a facebook business manager account and creating pages in there, you can do a lot more, a lot easier, and it sets you up for success.

To create a Business Manager account, follow these steps:

  • Go to and either log in to your account or create a new profile. *Note* to create a facebook business page without a personal account being used to log in, you will need to set up a new facebook account. If this is you, try using your business email or setting up an email just for facebook as your new log in. This is also a great way to keep personal stuff separate from business stuff.

  • From here, open a new browser and visit Facebook Business Suite and choose to create an account. Facebook will recognise and automatically pick up your previous sign in, and use that those email as your account email.

  • Enter Your Details. Done!

  • Once you've made your Business Manager account, have a browse around the dashboard and left menu bar to get accustomed to the navigation.

screenshot business settings new page
add new business page

2. Create your Business Page

Now you’ve set up your business manager account and familiarised yourself with the platform, you can create your business page.

-Go to Business Settings (look for the toggle icon)

-Click Accounts and click Pages.

-Click add a Page on the dropdown icon

-Select Create a New Page.

From here, Facebook will ask you to fill in your page details.

3. Fill your Business Page details

We’ve separated this step as part of creating your business page because it is so vital that you take the time to ensure your details are filled properly from the start!

  • Enter the page name and other basic details, upload creative assets when prompted to do so.

  • Add your Page name

  • Choose your Category. You can choose up to 3 for your page. Be as specific as possible - these categories will be picked up by facebook when people are actively searching for businesses, so locking in your categories will mean your page is more likely to show when people search. Ensure your first category choice is the most relevant summarised category of your business.

  • Describe your business. In the description field you have 255 characters to explain what your business does, what it’s all about and essentially introduce yourselves. Remember that people will scan your description quickly, so short, sharp and sweet is best.

  • Add a profile picture. Keep in mind that facebook profile images are cropped in a circle! If you’re planning to use your business logo, make sure it’s made to fit a circle, without cutting off any of your logo. We recommend using a tool such as to add space around your current logo if it wasn’t originally made to fit a circle shape profile (tip - most good graphic designers make “favicon” or “icon” sub versions of logos, so if your logo designer hasn’t already and you still have their details, try going directly back to them.)

  • Add a cover photo. Having an appealing wallpaper (otherwise known as a cover photo) is important to ensure your business page looks as professional and eye-catching as possible. This picture will show when browsers search for businesses. Leaving this blank could make or break a potential customer visit. Try to ensure the image fits nicely as a banner (typically at 820 pixels wide by 312 pixels tall is great). Having a call to action or deal is a good way to catch attention, but it’s not vital.

  • Add a CTA button. All facebook business pages have one allocated Call To Action button located on the top right of their business page, sitting just below the cover photo. There’s roughly over 20 button options, so decide what you are trying to achieve the most from customers, whether it be a phone call, direct message or email. You can change this at any time, so keep it in mind if you have a new CTA you’d like to encourage customers to make.

  • Create an @ username. Sometimes the username you’d like isn’t available to you at first. This could be as it’s used by another similar page, or because facebook wants you to start engaging more before they wish to allow it. That’s not to say you can’t return in a few days or weeks to update it once facebook makes it available to you. For now, add what you can.

  • Edit page information. This is an often skipped step but it’s arguably the most important. Up until now, all of the page info you’ve added would have been created directly on your page. Edit Page information is located on the left hand bar of your page. Some details you’ve already filled from your page will already be there such as username, categories, description. In this action, however, there are alot of vital additional details that often people miss such as your email address, your location, website link and phone number. Take your time with this.

  • Edit your page settings. This feature is also located on your page's left hand bar. It can look a little overwhelming at first, but bear in mind that you don’t need to fill or add every detail here, but in saying that, it is one of the most important parts to take your time on as it can really help to ensure your page is as effective as possible. This is where you will add as many relevant external links such as instagram (if you have set up), preferred audiences, advanced direct message settings and page roles (to name just a few) to make your page as effective as possible.

  • Create a post! Facebook always recommends sharing a first post as soon as your page is set up. This is a great way to show you are active immediately, it’s also a chance to welcome your new followers and like-ers to your page. Think short and sweet with an image or video representing your business.

Screenshot Facebook page check buttons
Gecko Cloud Facebook Page

4. Check your Page details

Let’s keep this one short and sweet. This is a small but important step to make sure your page is doing what it should!

First things first, check your page quality. This can be done through your business manager suite by going into your page and selecting page quality in the left bar. Checking this regularly ensures that all of your content and information has the green tick of approval for Facebook's community guidelines.

Next step is to view your page externally. Do this by going to the page via facebook and selecting “view as visitor” or logging into another facebook account and viewing the page from there. Go through the page and test (if you have connected/set up):

  • Your website link

  • Your Instagram connection

  • Your WhatsApp connection

  • Your CTA button

  • Your messenger connection

Have a thorough look through your page and make sure your details, images and any copy is high quality and doing what it should!

Screenshot facebook page arrows to website link
Gecko Cloud Facebook Page

5. Get page followers, faster

Your ultimate goal is to have a page that facebook communities follow and like. This verifies your page to facebook and of course, provides you the interaction that you’re here for!

The quickest way to immediately start growing your pages follows, likes and engagement is organically. That is - invite your own friends! To do this, you will need to have yourself or any other colleagues set as admin. This enables anyone to visit the page and invite their current friends to like your page.

  • In your pages menu bar (under your cover photo) select the three dots (...) and at the dropdown, hit “invite friends”. From here you can select all, or a selection of the friends you would like to invite.

  • Another great way to encourage friends, family and colleagues to like your page is to share your page's content to your own wall, perhaps with a simple CTA such as “Check out and like my new business page to stay up-to-date!”

Screenshot facebook page show invite friends
Gecko Cloud Invite friends


Like everything in life, all great things take time and consistent effort. Using our steps will give your page its best shot at developing a strong, engaging audience (and hopefully, more customers!).

But bear in mind that like anything online, to build an organic audience you need to stay consistent. Put some time aside weekly to ensure you are sharing content, updating page information when it’s needed and engaging with your audience. Doing so will guarantee you continue to grow as a trusted business page and will help to build your online presence.

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*Bonus* Using facebook business page manager

We’ve added some key facebook business page tips for setting up your page for success today, but to make the most of your business manager account we’ve added some bonus tips!

Aside from managing your page, in business manager, you can also:

  • Add “ad” accounts. This is where you can properly set up facebook and/or instagram ads. Keep in mind if you’re making an ad account to ensure you are setting it properly to your time zone and dollars - because once you’re running an ad, it will be set to this currency. Facebook automatically sets currency to USD, so if you’re (like us) in Australia - set it to AUD from the get go!

  • Create, add existing and manage additional pages

  • If you've been running Facebook ads or Instagram ads, you can add or create an advertising account and add payments in the Ad accounts section.

  • Link any new WhatsApp or Instagram accounts.

  • In Data sources, you can create a Facebook tracking pixel, which tracks visits to your website after clicking through from Facebook or Instagram ads.

  • Facebook Help Center is available here too. It’s an excellent tool that provides support, information and links to contact the Support Team if you have any issues with your accounts, ads or anything to do with your business suite.

We hope you’ve found some or all of this information helpful to build a strong facebook business page, but if you’re still feeling a little overwhelmed or out of your depth - you aren’t the first! Marketing agencies are a dime a dozen and can really help you save time, manage your page better and help you to get some great traction with less hassle. Why not give Gecko Cloud a go? Call us today to see how we can help you with your business page!

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