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The best apps you need for Shopify

If you’re about to start up your own eCommerce store on Shopify or already use this platform for your business, you may already know that there's an overwhelming amount of add-on application plugins to choose from for your account. There are endless amounts of choices that could be useful to your business, but the question you might be asking yourself is “Where do I start?” or “What’s best for me to do next?”.

With so many options, it can be hard to know where to start. A short Shopify visit to set up or advance your account can quickly become overwhelming, and the task of researching applications can be plonked into the “later on” basket.

Let’s get back to the basics. Why do these applications exist? To make your life easier, track growth, inventory, sales, customer service and ultimately to help increase your revenue. Plugins exist to make your business more efficient and functional.

Yes, there’s a lot of different services these plugins offer but if you were to categorise them all, they can really be broken down into about 5 services;

-Financial management


-Customer management

-Inventory management


In our opinion, each of these services offers your business great opportunities to both manage your business better and help your business grow, efficiently.

Our advice for choosing your apps? Start with your categories, look at what your business needs, and focus on looking at what each category of service can do to help you!

We’ve summarised those 5 categories and within them, some of the most useful and reliable applications around!

Financial Management

Our two favourite accounting softwares for Shopify are also two of Australia’s favourites. Xero and Quickbooks are some of the largest accounting software options available to Business owners, regardless of the type of business. This is why they work so well - they’re big companies with the finance behind them to continue adapting as customer needs change. You’ll find using their software super user friendly and easy to use across both Shopify and internally for accounting use.


A great tool aimed at small to medium-sized businesses, Xero is incredibly intuitive, the product layout is clean and easy to navigate and their big focus is on mobility - with Android and IOS specific Apps to help you manage your accounts on the go. It’s also one of the most competitively priced options on the market.

QuickBooks (QBO)

Also great for small to medium-sized businesses, Quick Books has its own pros and cons that separates it from other softwares. Although less intuitive at first than some accounting options, it has great support (email, live chat and phone) and a fantastic inventory management structure - great for small businesses with high SKUs. You’ll find QBO offers more than standard accounting options, with seamless sales export options, and endless reports accessible on a standard account to really understand how your business is tracking!


With every financial software app, you’ll need an integration app to connect to your Shopify account. Our favourite options below are great to connect to multiple account software options, and work fantastically with Xero and QBO:





Customer management

Once you have the right accounting software and integration software add-on you’ll need an easy payment gateway for customers to pay for their purchase! Essentially, this gateway moves your customers' payment of choice (eg: Zippay, PayPal, visa) into your gateway, which then seamlessly sends the financial data securely to your chosen accounting software.

Shopify offers many options Here

But our number one app for this is always A2X. It’s fantastic to pair with Xero and its connection to Shopify is excellent. If you decide to use a Payment portal without an account connector app such as A2x, each transaction made by a customer will be uploaded straight to your accounting system. That’s a lot of work for you and your accounting system!

Connectors such as A2x imports your transactions, payments and pay-outs and summarises them to your accounting software of choice, it also reconciles the summaries to your bank deposits, so all purchases and spends are accounted for - without any work on your end! Lot’s of time saved, and less chance of human error!

Inventory management

If you hold large quantities of stock/inventory or buy your items from overseas, Inventory Management software is fantastic and without it, you’ll be doing a lot of unnecessary work! You’ll find some Accounting software (such as QBO) does have its own integrated inventory software, but it’s a valuable use of time to research the right ones specific to you.

Here are our best picks:



-Dear Systems Inventory


Okay, we know that marketing is a pretty large and broad category for your business operations, but let’s remember that the focus here is to not get overwhelmed! There’s endless ways to market your business and Shopify has some great apps specific to what you need. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

-For upselling products: Candy Rack a non-intrusive popup on your product page, shown after the visitor clicks on your “Add to Cart button.”

-For better Web SEO: Plugin SEO is one the best free Shopify apps that helps you to find and fix (SEO) problems to ensure more traffic to your website

-For pushing sales: PushEngage a “push” notification app that allows you to send custom notifications such as notes to prevent cart abandonment, and engage with users.

-For email marketing: Constant Contact is one of the biggest and most popular email marketing options. Their service offers easy email creative templates and automotive as well as split test and personalised email options to track and drive sales specific to previous purchases.


Ultimately, in the same way you had to “make the jump” and start your side hustle or full time online business, it’s also important to start somewhere when it comes to boosting your eCommerce efficiency. Our advice is to focus on your current biggest pain points right now, what takes the most of your time and what you need to smooth out first. You may already have a great accounting software but need better inventory management, or perhaps you’re finding too many empty carts on your website!

Get started somewhere on your list, and keep pressing on - the more you connect the right plugins to your store, the easier life will be in the future and the stronger your sales and customer experience will perform!

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