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TikTok and Shopify's new Partnership

If you're reading this, you're already one step ahead of the competition!

TikTok and Shopify's latest partnership means big opportunity if you're an e-commerce business, and in many cases an easier, more user-friendly way to connect to your audiences and bring them over to your webpage!

Within less than four years, TikTok has already surpassed many platforms as one of the most used social media apps globally. Quite a feat if you consider that since the apps launch, they already have a staggering 658 million users versus Facebook, who after 5 years hit it's first milestone at 350million - almost half of Tiktok's accomplishment.

It's no surprise that big companies are jumping at the chance to parter with Tiktok to offer their clients big new reach opportunities, and Shopify certainly seems like the perfect fit. Pairing video ad's with E-commerce websites? Absolutely. Instagram has had their own partnership with Shopify for some time now.

So what's the deal?

The deal between Tiktok and Shopify is to make it easier for Shopify’s 1 million+ merchants to reach TikTok’s young (but increasingly expanding) audience to drive sales. Both companies have also stated that the partnership have plans to expand, including other in-app shopping features to make selling even easier.

At first launch, the agreement will allow Shopify merchants to create, run and optimise their TikTok marketing campaigns directly through their Shopify dashboard. This connection is made and used via installing the "TikTok channel" app from Shopify's App Store. Once installed, merchants can access the key functions from "TikTok For Business Ads Manager".

The new Ad tools will allow merchants to create their own shareable content that turns their selected campaign products into In-Feed video Ads that can resonate with specific audiences in TikTok community. Merchants can target their audiences' gender, age, user behaviour, video category and then track the campaign’s performance over time. The campaigns’ costs can vary based on the merchant’s objectives and of course, how much they decide to spend.

Shopify merchants can now also install or connect their “TikTok Pixel”. This is a tool that enables them to easily track conversions driven by their TikTok ad campaigns.

As you may already know, Shopify merchants can already track their user actions such as browsing their page, email registration, adding items to cart, placing an order, and of course, completing a payment.

Image Credits: Shopify

“TikTok is one of the world’s fastest growing entertainment platforms with over 100 million highly engaged users in the U.S. alone,” said Satish Kanwar, Vice President of Product at Shopify, in a statement about the new partnership. “The TikTok channel means Shopify merchants—even those without a strong TikTok following of their own yet—can connect with these new audiences using content that feels authentic and genuine to the TikTok experience,” Kanwar added

Image Credits: Shopify

How do to get started?

If you're ready and willing to start your first advertisement on Tiktok, you'll first need to install the TikTok channel app, then create and connect your TikTok For Business account and install your one-click pixel. You can then arrange you In-Feed shopp-able video ads by selecting the product you wish to feature using the provided ad templates specifically designed for commerce. Because these templates are using existing imagery or videos, the TikTok channel will work for merchants of any size (Shopify notes.)

Shopify and TikTok have already been working together, testing different social commerce initiatives, such as #blakbusiness - supporting people of Colour in business.

The companies have also been spotted for trialing a new shopping button that allows TikTok creators to link their Shopify storefront direct from their videos. (Teespring also tested this with TikTok). TikTok had offered a TikTok Ads Pixel for Shopify merchants before today, as well. But the partnership makes the pixel integration a 1-click install, so merchants don’t have to manipulate code (making it much more hassle free!)

Image Credits: Shopify

“We are delighted to partner with Shopify and provide a channel for their merchants to reach new audiences and drive sales on TikTok,” said Blake Chandlee, Vice President, Global Business Solutions at TikTok, in a statement. “As social commerce proliferates, retailers are recognising that TikTok’s creative and highly engaged community sets it apart from other platforms. We’re constantly exploring new and innovative ways to connect brands with our users, and Shopify is the perfect partner to help us grow and expand our commerce capabilities globally,” he said.

Does it end there? Obviously not! TikTok and Shopify’s partnership apparently aren't planning to limit marketing options to the new TikTok channel app. That’s just the beginning.

The deal will soon expand to other shopping features, too.

TikTok says it plans to start testing new in-app features that will make it easier for users to discover Shopify merchants and their products by expanding their reach through video and on their account profiles. These features will also “let users browse merchant’s products and shop directly through the TikTok app,” a spokesperson said. They didn’t offer specific details about the features or how the payments portion would work, saying that more information would be available when the new tools launched.

So what now? Stay tuned....

Image Credits: TikTok

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