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Heard the term "Virtual Assistant” Lately? So what are they?

A “VA” is a person who provides expertise and services for a client or company remotely. Generally, they take the role of an intermediary between customers and employees. It's a multi-functional position that can perform various services such as receiving inquiries, asking specific questions as well as gathering basic and complex info that can be passed onto your team. They can also transfer information in the ways best fitting each business – by email, SMS, or call.

Aside from answering queries and data gathering, VA’s can also perform multitudes of challenging functions such as research and data gathering, encoding, socials management, PR and among others. Hiring a VA as an additional member to your physical team can have lots of benefits heres a few: -Flexibility for remote work. A VA can help your business find the best suited help, without them requiring physical presence in your office, state or country. Finding the right assistance with specific experience no longer need be subject to your location. International VA’s can aid with out of hours service too. -Cost efficiency is a big factor for businesses trying to expand, without the income to hire a full time employee. VA’s can work as little or as much as the business needs. International VA’s can also be much more cost effective, as wages vary outside of Australia.

The best news is that your customers won't know your VA isn’t physically present in the office. Most customers can even have the perception that the Virtual Assistant is just in the reception area, which is exactly the goal that every business wants to achieve!

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