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XERO playbooks and eCommerce

We’re going to start this blog with a little asterisk *

Today’s post is specifically for our eCommerce business owners, however, the subject matter we’re referring to in this post can be used for other industries.

Cue - XERO’s has launched a new series of fantastic playbooks to get your business on track. Specific, free “Ebooks” tailored to every industry, as well as two helpful books for cash flow and general app advisory. They’re a great reference for general reference and also there for specific industries to help navigate your pain points and find exactly what you need, apps-wise to enhance your business and start scaling better. If you don’t have an eCommerce business, scroll down to the bottom of this post where you’ll find a link connecting you to a plethora of other XERO playbooks. For our eCommerce visitors, please read on!

Start working smart

Anyone owning a smartphone today would know that online eCommerce is booming. eCommerce and Retail in general, has drastically changed since COVID and with it, customers' buying expectations. More than ever our brick and mortar stores are needing to move online, or at least, offer online purchasing in addition to their physical stores.

With so many businesses needing to run with their competition, online stores are being launched at an explosive rate, with frantic timelines! What can often be missed (I can imagine bookkeepers globally nodding in agreement to this) is the logistics side of your business - and your books.

In order to run a successful business, regardless of where you sell your products, you need a solid plan to keep on top of your ingoings and outgoings, your inventory, staff, and payment gateways - to name a few. That’s where fantastic accounting software comes in and when used correctly, can ultimately develop your online business.

If you’re feeling a little “frantic” with your own business and need to find the right software to fit you, your cash flow, and sales, this post is for you. The Xero Ecommerce playbook can help you find the best software app stacks for their unique flow, specific to your business.

ECommerce playbook Overview

The small Ebook is designed to help give real examples of online as well as brick and mortar (or hybrid) business workflows and options to then match your niche flow to a software app stack suitable. Although written for service businesses working with eCommerce clients, the book can just as easily be transferred and used personally for anyone wanting to configure the best use of Xero for their online business.

We recommend before reading through the book to grab a notebook and a pen, and set aside some quiet time to make the most out of your planning. The total time will take you less than an hour and save you a lot of time long-term!

The first handful of pages offer you the contents page and a retail business overview. We recommend skipping straight to page 7, from here, take your time reading through the page, and start using the prompts to write out your Business Profile. This will lay the foundations for your business needs and will be a great reference tool to come back to.

From pages 8-9 you’ll see graphs offered to start sourcing the specific apps you may need and refining the selection depending on your business. Think about your staffing and elements currently working for your business, as well as how you would want things to be 1 year from now. Think about the scaling you would like to do.

From page 11 onwards, Xero offers a dynamic layout of cheat sheets and real client scenarios to help you further navigate the right specific solutions related to you. If you’re unsure as to which specifically relates to you - try speaking to your bookkeeper, a mentor, or a friend.

Finally, the last few pages will offer you an overview of the available application options, and what each has to offer. This is a really useful overview to compare each application and how it’s most suitable. Remember that most applications will incur a fee, so before thinking big with your expansion goals, be sure to look up the costs involved for each app!

Want to know more about the applications and our own recommendations? Read on...

Heading: Our top eCommerce inventory app recommendations

As experienced app integrators, we’ve worked with many applications through Xero, and with businesses that sell all kinds of products. We’re offering you an outline of some of our favourite inventory apps from experience. Before reading this, we highly recommend you use the Xero eCommerce playbook first to understand which specific apps you need for your store first.

3 Inventory software we recommend to use with your financial software would be:

Vend, Unleashed, or Dear Inventory.

Vend is fantastic for straightforward shopfront/ eCommerce store inventory systems. Vend is your retailer/pos/inventory system - they’re great for startups that are retail-focused.

Unleashed is fantastic for basic manufacturing or retail businesses needing a bit more flexibility around distribution and wholesalers. Great news for current Vend users; if you’re growing (or planning to grow) exponentially, you can connect Vend and Unleashed together for fantastic results.

Lastly, Dear Inventory although more expensive packs a punch with its diverse functionality. If you have a larger company and you’re looking to replace an ERP system in inventory, Dear could be your answer.

Ready to make the most out of your Xero applications? Click the link below to download Xero’s free eCommerce playbook to find out what might suit you best!

Download • 10.32MB

For other industries, you can also find playbooks tailored specifically for your business industry here:

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