Trusted by thousands of accountants, bookkeepers and businesses worldwide, Dext’s cloud based software provides accounting solutions and online bookkeeping to help you to be more productive and save time on your day-to-day tasks

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Modern accounting solutions toolkit for an efficient company

Bookkeeping automation and expense management

Quality control for accountancy data

Automate your business’ financial admin

Scan and manage receipts anywhere, anytime

Dext simplifies expense tracking with instant receipt data extraction. Take a photo of your receipt using the app and the information is accurately extracted. Submit documents via email, drag & drop, or bank fetch. Easily publish receipts and expenses to your accounting software and securely store them.

Simplifying expense management for businesses

Dext’s software streamlines expense and invoice management, saving time and ensuring accuracy. Create and approve expense reports easily, and automate categorisation with set rules. Gain real-time insights to improve business efficiency and performance.

Sync with your accounting software

Dext seamlessly integrates with leading accounting platforms, automatically publishing and matching data in real-time. Export expense reports in CSV or PDF formats, or send them via email. Share reports and financial data easily with ‘Image Sharing’ feature.

Approve expenses in one click in the Dext Prepare app

Appoint specific team members to see and approve employee expenses via their mobile, so nothing is ever missed and expense claims easily streamlined and simplified.

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